About Us

About Us

About page for Outline Turkey, who we are, what we do, and why we created this website.

Outline Turkey team is a small group of childhood friends who love traveling and discovering new places. After traveling to many different locations in Turkey, we noticed that Turkey is home to some of the most mind blowing yet underrated landscapes. We wanted to share this beauty with everyone. Our ultimate aim is to make sure all guests of Turkey love this country and its rich culture, as much as we do. All our guides and information pages are written by us and written from actual experience (unless they are about history!). Each day, we get to experience new things about Turkey right along with you and this is why we love our job so much and we are so passionate about it. If it is your first time in Turkey, the pages on this site are here to help you have the best time possible in Turkey. If you have been to Turkey many times, the information on these pages will make sure you discover new things about it and fall in love with this amazing country once again. We hope you enjoy your time in Turkey!

For any inquiries or feedback, please email us at ozgee.erdem [@] gmail dot com

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