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Bursa, which was once the capital of Ottoman history befitting a rapidly developing today has become one of the largest cities of Turkey . Natural beauty, environmentally conscious people , every day is a metropolis with a growing number of modern parks . Both summer and winter tourist who wish to Bursa Iskender kebab is also famous for . Uludağ is a great ski resort , just 4.5 hours drive from Istanbul, Turkey , and undoubtedly the most popular in the winter months

Bursa both in summer and winter visitors to the area is a great city . Uludag , starting with the first snowfall of the winter season continues until the end of the spring . In particular, the mid-term holiday break from training season to be the busiest period of Uludag is tourism . Bursa, Marmara Sea along the south coast has an ongoing 165 -km . Karacabey usually preferred by domestic visitors , Gemlik and Mudanya during the summer attracts attention with vibrant coastal places.

Locating significantly between Istanbul and other cities is quite easy due to road transport . All major bus companies have buses moving to Bursa . Istanbul – from Bursa 243 km . Intercity bus companies this way takes about three to three and a half hours . 382 km from Ankara and Bursa . That ‘s about four or four and a half hours one way .

Bursa also possible to reach by sea . Go to Istanbul from Yenikapı Mudanya can ride .
From Mudanya Bursa city center takes about half an hour . Eskihisar the gunners using the ferry to Yalova had an hour , and from there you can continue to Bursa . Moreover, in this journey of Gemlik
you will have the chance to enjoy exceptional views .

You can also choose your travel airline . ‘s Bursa Airport , tidy in every season . You can ride comfortably .

Region Local Transportation
Bursa Bus Station into the city has a municipal bus for 24 hours . Anywhere you want within the city can be reached by city bus and taxi . Counties and municipalities outside the city of Bursa in the Western and Central garage is moved at short intervals of bus and taxi . Transport infrastructure in the city and metro intensified in recent years due to work pretty hard … You do not carefully follow the signs in the city input-output yourself on a route that you can find hope in a moment .

Bursa name comes from the city’s founder, King Prusias . BC In the 7th century who migrated to this region here BITY ” Bithynia ” gave the name . BC 74, the domination of the Roman Empire from Rome to Bithynia managed by the governor of the Prus has become an Asian state .

Prusa ( Bursa ) between the years 1204-1261 Nicaea ( Iznik) connected , have generally remained within the castle , not much growth . With the start of the Seljuk Empire weakened and dispersed established in 1350 in Bursa beset by Osman Bey , April 6, 1362 after a siege lasting Osmanbey was zapdedil by Orhan Bey ‘s son . In 1335 the capital moved to Delhi and the city has experienced major reconstruction movements .

Bursa to have survived from the Roman and Byzantine periods, there is no building . Surrounding the old city
the walls are made of first Bithynia’lılar , Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods is thought that the repaired and reused . Bursa, the first two centuries of the Ottoman Empire period showed improvements compared to other cities , many adorned with architectural structure , the transfer of the well-known madrasas
became the center of the realm of science .

Bursa its geographic location , with commercial potential that exists both in the second half of 1900 showed a rapid development .

Things to Do
Made to Bursa city center ” Culture ” Bursa decent quality … Culture can have fun at the amusement park with your children , you can rent a canoe ride can spend pleasant hours . Night of Culture for fun , if you choose not to get lost here … the only thing you need to pay attention to the road and try not to forget that which enters the inlet port . Was established on the outskirts of Bursa Bursa Uludag mountain , which will take you to arrival . Uludag which may be covered with snow even during summer peak in history , the first Christians was one of the points in seclusion . Nowadays, Turkey’s biggest winter sports and nature is the center of the region , was declared a National Park in 1961 . Uludag is Turkey’s most important winter sports center . Ski resort accommodation with the adequacy of the holiday resort of Uludag ensure that you are indispensable . Green belt covered ; city with plenty to provide oxygen , nature and culture of the city , connecting Bursa new recreation and sports fields to bring in 1995, construction started ” Onions Botanical Park ” On April 24 , 1998 , was opened . “London Zoo” Zoo in the city worthy of a European nature. World-class design, all built in an area is 206,600 m2 . This is your childhood while visiting zoos will no longer be amazed at how they are changing . Scholarships in Zoo animals unique to our country composed of more than 55 species of approximately 500 pieces in a style reminiscent of the natural environment of animals were allowed to live . Incidentally, in one of the cafes in Tophane Bursa , remember to drink tea against the city . Other places you should not do in Bursa Ulu Mosque, Green Tomb and the Koza Han .

Wining and Dining
Bursa to taste the most important thing you need to is of course the famous Iskender kebab . You will never forget the taste for a meal, we recommend Kebapçısı Bursa Iskender . Court restaurant opposite the old garage Is also an option . Also the famous Brown sugar should try the Caucasus . If you are performing your visit in the summer , we recommend tasting peaches of Bursa . On the road to Uludağ in restaurants while tasting kebabs and grills should look to do that .

Bursa is a city with a contribution of textiles in recent years has become a virtual shopping mall . Modern and large, all kinds of shopping facilities located within shopping centers of the city, which concentrates at the entrance to the city center now has its publication . Around here, we can make according to your budget shopping , souvenir gifts to your loved ones can get scholarship .

Sonmez Plaza, sandy Victory Plaza Shopping Center and we can recommend places we ‘ve come this far without getting between the … Bursa things you need to return the towels and bathrobes … Also carpet and KİLİMCİ is also the eye with plenty of variety .

In Bursa, especially during the winter months there is a vibrant night life . Arapşükrü in a friendly and warm bar , live entertainment until midnight squat , when you think you can not finish off the night until the morning of the Culture disco open until the first light of the sun can have fun. Also during the winter season in the bars of Uludag , you can experience the warm nights cold air stubbornness . If you are in the summer , Ceylan Gold in Culture , Garden Disco absolute must visit .

Outdoor Sports
Bursa can do all the winter sports opportunities and potential . Uludag winter tourism centers of Turkey’s most popular … If you like skiing , you have to give up UU . The excess of the strength of facilities and options may be preferable . Spring and summer grass skiing events are organized here . UU to find sports equipment for winter tourism will be no problem .

Karacabey are made on the shores of the sea sports . Spring and summer are the most popular term in the Strait of … Karacabey rent canoes can explore the Sea of ​​Marmara . Avsar you can visit by boat to the island also . The only bad side of this area , go into the sea is prohibited . Other numerous campgrounds and cottage sites. Bogazköy very common in nature walks . Uluabat and environment attracts interested in fishing . With the exquisite scenery for nature lovers as a land of dreams …

Bursa especially need to pay attention primarily Bursa of ” that famous air is . Temperate climate despite having suddenly overwhelm the wind and frost should be prepared . Write , even in the evenings starting frosty night takes over . Sunny you start a morning place here cool or even cold akşamüstü to leave . Bursa State Hospital , as well as numerous private hospitals and clinics are also available.

Canakkale , Bursa , Balıkesir , Adapazarı and İzmit, Yalova

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 0 /6 February : 2/9 March: 5/14
April : 7/ 19 May 10 /23 June : 15/28
July: 18/30 August: 19/34 September: 14/25
October: 12/21 November: 5/13 Range: 4/11
Holidays with Children
In winter you can do with the child must be the right choice for a vacation … UU advantage of Spring Break fun to spend a vacation with your children . In addition to winter sports enthusiasts here if you have a child right place for him . Now you will want to come every year .

Other than that , your child located in the city of Culture , Bursa Zoo and recently spread within the large pool located in the park and the park will have fun as they wish .

Oylat Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Bursa Inegöl in the province to the south.
» Transportation: Inegeul 27 km from the city center . away.
» Water temperature : 40 ° C Oylat Bath Supply, Your Water Supply 30.5 ° C , 10 ° C- Eye Water Supply
» PH Value: 7.26 Oylat Bath Supply, Your Water Supply 7.18 , 3.04 Eye Water Supply
» Features: sulphate, bicarbonate, calcium , Oylat Bath and Pang Water Resources , sulfate , hydrogen ions, iron, Eye Water Supply
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
Treatment Diaesses : Drinking cures , diuresis is effective in curing and obesity , bathing the sedative properties is utilized.
» Accommodation: Grand Hotel ( 220 B ), ( L) Motel ( 210 B )

Grasshopper Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Grasshopper is located in the city of Bursa .
» Water temperature : 47 ° C Supply of Vakıfbah , 58 ° C Karamustafa Supply, of 77 ° C – Kaynarca and Yenikaplı Sources, 78 ° C Bath Sulfur Source
» PH Value: 6.98 Vakıfbah of Resource , Resource Karamustafa 6.60 , 6.78 and Yenikaplı by Kaynarca Resources , 6.44 Sulfur Bath Supply
» Features: hyperthermal , hypotonic , oligomitalik and radioactive , Vakıfbah by Source, hyperthermal , hypotonic , radioactive, Karamustafa Source, hyperthermal , hypotonic , Kaynarca , Yenikaplı , the sulphurous baths Resources , bicarbonate , sulphate, calcium, magnesium, Vakıfbah unless and Karamustafa Resources , Bicarbonate, sulfate, sodium , calcium, and Yenikaplı by – Kaynarca resources, bicarbonate , sulfate, sodium, calcium , carbon , sulfur , sulfurous baths resources
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Treatment Diaesses : Bath cures rheumatic syndromes, movement system other painful diseases, chronic inflammatory and painful gynecological diseases, vascular occlusion , bronchiectasis and the drinking – bath composite curing the liver, bile ducts, mild diabetes, crisis circuits outside of gout, blood in excess obesity is effective in fat deposits seen .
» Accommodation Facilities : Anatolia Hotel ( 93 Rooms, 192 Beds ) , Big Star Hotel ( 35 B , 68 B ) , Hotel Caravanserai ( 211 B , 500 B )

Pear Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Bursa Province , north of the town and Pear Pear Municipality is located in the adjacent field .
» Transportation: Pear 2km from the city center . away.
» Water temperature : 57 degrees
» PH Value: 6.2 to 6.5
» Features: Sulfate , bicarbonate , chloride, calcium , sodium and carbon dioxide has a composition .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, heart and blood circulation , women, nerve and muscle fatigue, nervous disorders, eating disorders , such as diseases makes a positive impact .
»Accommodation : 2-star accommodations are available.

Ski Resorts
Bursa – Uludag

12 units in the nature of public institutions owned 15 hotels with accommodations are available. 30 km to Bursa . and at a distance of transportation minibus taxi , taxi, minibus , cable car is provided. Track number 11 is the longest runway of 2000 meters, the number of mechanical plant 13 7 6 teleskis ski tow facility with a total capacity of 10.000 persons / hour up to 15 ski season from December to May . By the General Directorate of Youth and Sport 2 ski house with 2 ski tow facility is located.