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Government of Turkey

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Find out basic information about the government of Turkey, learn whether Turkey has a democratic government or not, is Turkey secular or not.

When the Republic of Turkey was founded, it brought a whole new style of governing that is still mostly in use today though it’s experienced certain changes over the time. The new Turkish government started working officially in 1923, and it was based on the idea of separation of power. It meant that different parts of the government had different areas to inspect and rule.

Does Turkey Have a Democratic Government?

Turkey is a democratic country were the government is chosen with an election process. Turkey’s system of government is called a presidential republic, where a president is head of state and also head of the government. The elections take place every five years. Apart from getting the majority of the votes, a Turkish citizen should be forty years old or older and hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in order to be the President of Turkey. Turkey is also one of the first countries where women gained the right to vote. Every citizen who is 18 years old or older can vote.

Is Turkey Secular?

Turkey is a secular country, therefore religion and the government are separated. Citizens have a constitutional right to choose the way they wish to practice religion.


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