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Food and Drink Prices in Turkey 2024

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A brief answer for the frequently asked question: What are the food and drink prices in Turkey 2024, is food expensive in turkey?

If you are planning to visit Turkey, one of the first questions you might ask is about the prices of staples in this country. Turkey has had some changes in prices of things in the last year, which made some products a little bit more expensive. Still, for a visitor, Turkey is a very affordable country. Here are the prices for some essential goods to give you an idea. Please keep in mind that as I write this article, 1 USD equals to 6.10 Turkish liras and 1 GBP equals to 8 Turkish liras.

Eating Out

Restaurants are much cheaper than their European and North American counterparts. Simple street snacks start from 2 to 5 liras. If you eat at a restaurant on the cheaper side, expect to pay around 20-25 liras. If you are eating a three-course-meal at a mid-range restaurant, the price goes up to 60 to 120 liras. A McDonald’s meal would cost you about 20-25 liras.

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Alcohol prices in turkey 2024

A bottle of water usually takes you back a lira. Having a coffee at a cafe can cost you anywhere between 7 to 15 liras. Having a coke any other fizzy drink would cost about 5-7 liras. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, Turkey is a bit more expensive. Having a beer in a pub can cost you anywhere from 15 to 25 liras. If you are at a very fancy place, expect to pay around 40 liras for a pint.

Shopping at a Market

If you are planning to cook your own meals in Turkey, you’ll find that shopping for groceries will not make a big dent in your budget. 1 kilo of apples, oranges, lettuce, onions, potatoes or tomatoes are all less than 5 liras. Red meat can be quite a bit more expensive than chicken meat, with the former costing about 60 liras a kilo and the latter about 20. A loaf of bread is around 2 liras and a kilo of white rice is about 9 liras.

If you buy alcohol from the market, domestic beer (0.5L) will cost you about 10-13 liras and imported ones (0.33L) will cost you about 13-15 liras. The price for a bottle of wine starts from 40 liras.

You might realise that some shops and restaurants in touristy towns are charging much more than usual. It is best to avoid these places and try to check the place online beforehand or check the prices before you enter a restaurant in these type of towns. Checking to see if there are locals eating in a place is always helpful as well.

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?

Surely when traveling to Türkiye, you will be confused by dozens, hundreds of different dishes in many different locations. Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Turkey , what dishes should you enjoy? VT Travel Plus will share with readers in the article below.

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?For a unique country like Türkiye, cuisine is always an eternal topic that many people admire and are curious to explore. Typical dishes, with unique flavors will help you go from one experience to another in the best way possible!

Breakfast (Nezih in the Bebek neighborhood and Café Privato near Galata Tower)

Istanbul’s Besiktas is literally “breakfast street,” with dozens of restaurants, all doing everything differently, and packed every weekend. Turkish cuisine breakfast usually includes olives, white cheese, a type of mozzarella cheese, fresh butter, honey and jam, bread, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

You’ll also enjoy some other hot dishes like menemen – essentially eggs mixed with tomatoes, gözleme – a version of a Turkish crepe often filled with spinach, potatoes, or cheese.

To experience where to eat in Turkey like the Turks, with the above typical dishes, you can go to many places in Istanbul. But the most special ones are Nezih in the Bebek neighborhood and Café Privato near Galata Tower. This is truly a “breakfast street” chosen by a large number of Turkish people as well as tourists.

Iskender (Burda City, great restaurants, especially in the West)

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?Iskender is often called Iskender kebap. This is one of the most famous dishes in Northwest Türkiye that is loved by many people. Iskender was created by a man named Iskender Efendi Konağı from Bursa – an autonomous municipality city and also a province of Türkiye. This place is about 2 hours by ferry from Istanbul, a really peaceful place because there are many parks and gardens in the city.

Iskender dish is created in a special way, in a unique Turkish way. First, they put the pita on a cylindrical plate, pour over some tomato sauce and then add a thinly sliced piece of lamb on top. They continue to coat it with a layer of melted butter.

Finally, add a spoonful of yogurt next to it to complete the dish. To enjoy this dish, you can go to Bursa city. If you don’t have time, you can choose restaurants in cities, especially Western cities.

Tea and Coffee (Anywhere, especially the Grand Bazaar)

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?Tea and Coffee are two popular drinks, extremely loved by Turkish people. Surely you have somewhat heard about the tea and coffee drinking culture of the Turks, right? Coming to this country located on two continents, you will see beautiful small cups of tea and coffee everywhere.

Tea in Türkiye does not have a strong flavor, but it is the clearest testament to a culture. Tea here is made with 2 different pots, one with water, the other with boiling loose tea leaves. Then, you use water to “dilute” the tea, and add some sugar to taste.

Turkish Coffee is also something worth enjoying. In complete contrast to the Western filtering method, Turkish coffee is slowly boiled from very finely ground coffee beans. Note here that the coffee is ground finer than any other method in the world, so when drinking it, it feels very thick and has an unmistakable flavor.

You can enjoy Turkish tea and coffee anywhere in this country. One of the places that can be mentioned is the Grand Bazaar. This is the largest and oldest market in the world. The market has about 61 covered streets, more than 4,000 shops, attracting from 250,000 to 400,000 visitors every day.

Simit (anywhere in Istanbul, Türkiye)

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?When in Türkiye, you will regret it if you miss this sitmit dish. It is a cake shaped like a rope wrapped around, sprinkled with sesame seeds on top. A proper Simit will have a crispy outer layer, a bit hard but the inside is very soft, mixed with a light fragrance!

Simit cake appeared in Türkiye since the early days of the 15th century. This dish is popular in many places in Turkey. You can see simitçis (literally “simit sellers”) on most busy street corners or squares in the country. In the city of Istanbul, you will see simitçis standing next to a round red cart and waiting. welcome you to buy.

A little secret for you is that you should buy a package of peynir (cheese) to spread evenly on it before enjoying, the flavor will make you passionate. Simit is relatively cheap, a useful dish when you are walking around but feel hungry.

Çiğ Köfte (anywhere in Türkiye, especially in the Southeast)

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?Ciğ köfte literally means “raw meatball” – that’s how it’s prepared. However, in modern Türkiye, this dish is made with bulgur, onions, tomatoes and spices. This is the favorite snack of Turkish people today.

It’s great to hold ğiğ köfte rolls and wrap them in lettuce, a little mint or parsley inside. The dish is spicy, filling, and has an unmistakable flavor! Çiğ Köfte is a specialty of Southeast Turkey, but you can find it almost anywhere to enjoy.

Midye Domasi (anywhere in Istanbul, especially in Taksim at night )

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?Midye Domasi is a Turkish delicacy made from the main ingredient of fragrant rice put into the intestines of mussels (also known as clams). Midye Domasi is known as a famous hangover dish in Türkiye, served with lemon juice that Turkish people love. The owner will charge based on how many clam shells you have eaten.

Midye Domasi is present on almost every street in Istanbul, especially served on a tray on every other street corner in Taksim at night. At restaurants in Türkiye, the waiter will continuously bring out this dish until you ask to stop.

A tip is that when you feel a little full, tell them to stop bringing it out if you don’t want to eat too much. The moment the rice in the clam begins to expand in your stomach is also the moment you cannot continue eating.

Maraş Dondurma (streets in Istanbul)

Where to eat delicious food when traveling to Türkiye, what dishes should you enjoy?Maraş Dondurma is essentially Turkey’s ice cream dish. Unlike other types of ice cream in the world, when you eat Turkish ice cream, you have to chew a lot, it feels very thick in your mouth, it doesn’t melt in your mouth like you think.

The reason is that the cream is made from the powder of the root of the Orchis mascula tree – a tree native to this country. When buying ice cream, you will also enjoy the skillful performances of the sellers, most of whom are men.

Above is some information related to where to eat in Turkey . Hopefully these shares can help readers in finding and choosing delicious places to eat, with the right style and “taste” of the Turks. Where to eat in Turkey is no longer difficult for you, right?






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