Vakıf Museum

Vakıf Museum

Check out our ultimate guide to Vakıf Museum which is located in Ankara, Turkey.

Vakıf Museum is an ethnography museum in Ankara, Turkey exhibiting endowed articles. The museum is on Atatürk Boulevard in Ankara. It is to the south of Melike Hatun Mosque and to the east of Gençlik Parkı, the largest park of Ankara. Some of the other museums of Ankara such as Stamp Museum, Ethnography Museum of Ankara and State Art and Sculpture Museum are nearby. The museum building was built as a school building. It is an example of First national architectural movement of Turkey. Between 1928 and 1941 it was used by the School of Law and after 1941, it was used as the Girls’ vocational school. In 2004 it was restored and on 7 May 2007 it was opened as a museum.

Things Near Vakıf Museum

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