Bilecik Museum

Bilecik Museum

Check out our ultimate guide to Bilecik Museum which is located in Bilecik, Turkey.

Bilecik Museum is a museum in Bilecik, Turkey. There was an old Ottoman building in place of the museum. During the Greek occupation in 1920s, the building was demolished. After the liberation of Bilecik, a new building was constructed to be used as a court house. In 1997 it was handed to the Ministry of Culture. After restoration, the former court house became Bilecik Museum in 2006. Up to 2010 it was a sub unit of Söğüt Museum. In 2010 it was established as a separate museum. Because of its former usage the building is quite big and it has many rooms. In these rooms, both the archaeologic and ethnographic items are exhibited. The exhibited items are arranged in chronological order. In the first 3 rooms, paleolithic age, neolithic age, Bronze Age, Hellenistic Age, Roman Empire age, Byzantine Empire age and the Ottoman Empire age items are displayed. The remaining 10 rooms are about ethnological items from the Ottoman times such as ceramic and metallic items, weapons, kitchen items ornaments etc. Examples of clothing and architecture from Bilecik area are also displayed

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