Söğüt Ertuğrul Gazi Museum

Söğüt Ertuğrul Gazi Museum

Check out our ultimate guide to Söğüt Ertuğrul Gazi Museum which is located in Bilecik, Turkey.

Ertuğrul Gazi is the father of Osman Bey, who was the leader of the Kayı tribe in the mid 13th century and the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Today, his tomb is visited by lots of people due to the historical importance and the popularity of the TV show Resurrection: Ertuğrul, which depicts his life and the birth of the Ottoman Empire.

The museum is in Söğüt district of Bilecik Province, Turkey. This place also holds great importance for being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, by then a small principality. The museum contains not only the tomb of Ertuğrul Gazi but also many important ethnographic items that belong to Yörüks, who are known as the natives of Anatolia.

The exact construction date of the tomb, which was built somewhere around the late 13th century, is unknown. It was first built as an open grave by Osman Gazi, and later it was turned into a tomb by Mehmed I. During his reign, Sultan Mustafa III gave the order from Istanbul to get the tomb repaired, and this repair work completely changed the tomb. With the new design, the tomb didn’t resemble the original version anymore. In 1886, it was restored by Abdulhamid II again, and this time a fountain was added next to the tomb.

Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb has a hexagonal plan and is covered with a dome. To get inside, visitors go through a rectangular entrance. There are two windows on each side of this entrance. The walls of the tomb are constructed of a single row of stones and two rows of bricks. New windows were added later on, on the walls of the west and southeast sides.

Today, this tomb holds supreme importance for Turkish people, as Ertuğrul Gazi was and still is a very significant figure that people look up to. This respected individual’s tomb gets more and more visitors who would like to show their respect and pray for his soul.

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