Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum

Check out our ultimate guide to Rezan Has Museum which is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Rezan Has Museum is a private museum in İstanbul, Turkey dedicated to culture and arts. Rezan Has, spouse of the wealthy Turkish businessman Kadir Has, founded the museum in May 2007. The museum, situated in a historical building, is located in Cibali neighborhood of Fatih district on the southern shore of the Golden Horn. It is open to public every day between 9–18 local time. The museum has a very unusual archaeological collection, and provides space for exhibitions within the Kadir Has University's building, a European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage winning redevelopment from the historical "Cibali Tabacco Factory". The museum consists of a cistern dating back to the 11th century, called "Karanlık çeşme", which is one of the few Byzantian structures outside of the Walls of Constantinople along Golden Horn. Another important part of the museum is a hamam ruin from the 17th century of the Ottoman era, which is situated at the top of the cistern.

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