Malatya Museum

Malatya Museum

Check out our ultimate guide to Malatya Museum which is located in Malatya, Turkey.

Malatya Museum is a museum in Malatya, Turkey. The museum faces Kernek square in Malatya. Although a smaller museum was established in 1971, the present museum building was opened in 1979. Majority of the items in the museum are from various excavations like Arslantepe, Pirot, Caferhöyük, Köşkerbaba, İmamoğlu and Değirmentepe. There are also some items which are found during the construction of Karakaya Dam. These are from neolithic, chalcolithic, bronze Age, Hittites, Urartu, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Anatolian Seljuks, Anatolian Beyliks and the Ottoman Empire eras. Some of the more important items in the museum are the following:Neolithic sculptures from Caferhöyük excavationsEarly Bronze Age swords from Arslantepe excavationsHuman tomb from Arslantepe excavations

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