Nevşehir Museum

Nevşehir Museum

Check out our ultimate guide to Nevşehir Museum which is located in Nevşehir, Turkey.

Nevşehir Museum is in Nevşehir, Turkey Nevşehir is the provencial center in the region which is the Capadocia of the antiquity and known for its fairy chimneys. The museum is on Türbe Street in 350 Evler neighborhood of Nevşehir. The former museum of Nevşehir was in a historical building which served from 1967 to 1987 when a new building was opened as a museum. In the museum there are two halls one for the archaeology and one for the ethnography. In archaeology section items of Neolithic, Chalcolithic Bronz, Phrygia, Urartu, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ages are exhibited. There are also some items from Iran, Mesopotamia and Cyprus In ethnography section illumination tools, hand written books, weapons, local clothes hand works, ornaments, kitchen tools are displayed.

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