Rize Atatürk Museum

Rize Atatürk Museum

Check out our ultimate guide to Rize Atatürk Museum which is located in Rize, Turkey.

Rize Atatürk Museum is a museum in Rize, Turkey. The museum is in the Müftü quarter of Rize, and is locally known as Mehmet Mataracı mansion. It is to the east of the city Stadium and to the south of the main road. The museum building is a three-storey mansion that was built in 1921. In 1924, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the founder of Turkey, stayed in this house during his visit to Rize. In 1881, the 100th birth year of Atatürk, the owners of the house granted it to the governorship of Rize to be used as an Atatürk museum. The museum was opened on 27 December 1985. On the ground floor, inscriptions and tombstones are exhibited. On the first floor, there are traditional weaving instruments as well as other ethnographic items. On the second floor, memorial items of Atatürk, such as his personal belongings and photos about the Turkish War of Independence, are exhibited.

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