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Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide thanks to these 9 dishes

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The reason Turkish cuisine can conquer the tastes of many famous culinary experts and is loved and regularly enjoyed by tens of millions of people around the world is largely thanks to “effort” of these 9 delicious dishes.

1. Kebab bread

Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide thanks to these 9 dishes

Attractive piece of bread, looking at it makes you crave it

To start the list of Turkish cuisine, we must definitely name the famous Kebab bread, this famous cake is loved and enjoyed every day by all classes from ordinary people to the noble.

The most unique point of Kebab bread is that you can find up to 40 different types, each with a different flavor but all attractive and easy to make your saliva automatically “crowd” when you see it. Kebab is the most popular and famous globally as a type of street bread.

The shape of the bread is different from the flat cylindrical bread like in Vietnam. It also does not have two separate pieces of bread like a sandwich, is not as long as French bread, but its shape is often similar to 1/5 of bread. 1 large bagel.

The outside of the bread is covered with a little sesame. Before eating, use a press to press the bread thinly. The toasted sesame layer gives off a wonderful toasted sesame aroma when mixed with the smell of butter and flour for a naturally attractive flavor. course.

Inside the bread, vegetables are often added, onions, tomatoes, lamb, grilled beef, or maybe chicken or veal (no pork because Turks are mainly Muslim, Muslims are not). eat pork), sauce.

Grilled meat is usually arranged and grilled into long pillars, grilled slowly and when eaten, cut into small pieces from the outside to the inside. When visitors come to Turkey to enjoy this dish, they will feel the perfect flavor from the combination of meat, vegetables and sauce.

Street Kebab bread when enjoyed with a cup of Ayran, a familiar Turkish drink, will be absolutely delicious. Kebab is very easy to eat, easy to suit the taste of the majority of people, so it is no wonder that it also appears in many other countries around the world including Vietnam. If you want to try this dish, search online. There will be some “cool” restaurants.

2. Corba soup

Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide thanks to these 9 dishes

Corba soup is easy to eat, nutritious, and delicious

In Western countries, soup is a “traditional” dish, often found on family tables, restaurants… and it is also very popular in Türkiye. The Turks have many soups used in different meals throughout the day, but the soup that is enjoyed the most is Corba.

Many Turks have the habit of having Corba soup for breakfast, usually tomato or lentil Corba soup. The soup’s flavor is light and fragrant, easily soothing your hungry stomach and giving you a feeling of comfort, increasing your appetite and having a delicious, warmer breakfast.

For tourists traveling to Turkey who want to try Corba soup, they can go to eateries, restaurants or enjoy it right at your hotel or homestay that serves food. In addition to the two popular Corba soups above, you can try sheep brain soup, beef tripe soup, black cabbage soup… which will also bring you your own interesting feelings.

3. Pide Cake

Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide thanks to these 9 dishes

Pide pie served with salad, popular in Turkish restaurants

Turkish Pide cake is similar to both Vietnamese bread and pizza. The cake is often made with many different ingredients, the crust is made thin, covered with a layer of cheese, and filled with eggs and chicken. Or tuna and vegetables are chopped and grilled over high heat, making the grilled dish look attractive and appealing, evoking the appetite of diners.

Lahmacun is a simple version of Pide, this baked dish is often served in restaurants and eateries throughout Türkiye. Before enjoying, Pode is cut into small bite-sized pieces and should be used with salad to “prevent boredom” and increase taste.

4. Kumpir Baked Potatoes

When traveling to Turkey on your own, you should not miss the famous Kumpir baked potatoes here. Although baked potatoes are very common in Western countries and over the years they are no longer strange to Vietnamese people, this traditional Turkish dish still has its own characteristics that if you do not taste it, Try it, you will regret it.

Kumpir is prepared quite simply, the flavor is extremely special, the outside of the potato skin is crispy, the inside is soft, mashed with butter, covered with pickles, Russian salad, sausage…

The dish looks very eye-catching and when you enjoy it, you will feel the flavor blending on the tip of your tongue, the potato pieces seem to float into your mouth, extremely easy to eat for both adults and children, so this Turkish-style baked potato dish is also popular. widely sold, you can easily find it at restaurants on the beach and even in resorts.

5. Baklava Cake

Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide thanks to these 9 dishes

Delicious royal dish Baklava

Hailed as the most prestigious royal dish in Turkey, since its inception in the 12th century, for many decades, Baklava has only been prepared to serve exclusively for the royal and aristocratic classes.

The dish is made extremely delicately, using the main ingredient which is soft dough rolled into many layers, the filling has an attractive flavor, characterized by the combination of the sweetness of special syrup made from our own recipe. Turks and the fatty aroma of pistachios and walnuts.

This dish is made in long chains, served in round, white, flat plates to enhance the aesthetics of Baklava. Nowadays, you can buy it easily in pastry shops or supermarkets when traveling to Turkey cheaply .

6. Kofte Meatballs

Turkish-style meatballs are fatty, fragrant, soft and delicious

Kofte meatballs are considered a creative Turkish version of meatballs. It is a very popular street food in Turkey so you can also see it served in restaurants, often located in Turkey. in the appetizer or main dish section of the restaurant menu.

The interesting point about Kofte is that each different region of Turkey prepares Kofte in its own way, using many different ingredients, so the taste is not the same.

7. Meze Appetizer

There are many types of Meze for diners to choose from

When traveling to Turkey from Hanoi , if you go to the food and see many types of appetizers but all have the same name, Meze, don’t be surprised. Because Meze is the common name for traditional Turkish appetizers, often served before the main meal or during side meals.

The most popular types of meze found in Turkish restaurants and family meals include Patlıcan salatası which is a salad with cold eggplant ingredients, Acılı ezme which is hot powder made from hot chili peppers, Cacik made from cucumber ingredients. , yogurt and garlic.

8. Menemen fried eggs

Menemen is a delicious fried egg dish, best eaten with fresh bread

Fried eggs are very familiar, right? Menemen is a special Turkish fried egg dish that does not often appear on restaurant menus, but if you request the dish, most restaurants are ready to serve it.

Because the other ingredients are simply onions, tomatoes, fried bell peppers and eggs, creating an eye-catching mixture, delicious to eat with fresh bread.

9. Gozleme pies

Gozleme cheap pies

The last outstanding dish in Turkish cuisine that you should enjoy when traveling is Gozleme, a street food that is extremely easy to eat, quite easy to find and buy at markets in Turkey, and the price is also very reasonable. chestnut”.

It is a multi-layered cake filled with potatoes, parsley, spinach, cheese, grilled on a large griddle, and enjoyed with “full” Ayran tea.

Love Turkish cuisine and want to enjoy the above dishes right away, come to Turkey for a vacation right away.



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