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Some basic notes for people about to go to Turkey

Some basic notes for people about to go to Turkey

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Going to Turkey is very safe, convenient, and especially the people are extremely friendly and lovely, always ready to help others.A corner of Istanbul city.

1. Visa to go to Turkey

You can use E-visa (online visa) to go to Turkey. Getting an E-visa is extremely easy, especially if you have a valid visa from developed countries such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan… and fly with Turkish airlines such as Turkish Airlines , Pegasus Airlines… You just need to fill in the information and pay the fee by credit card, then a few minutes E-visa will send it to your email, print it out and take it away. Refer to the E-visa application link: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/   If it is your first time going abroad and you are not familiar with visa and passport procedures, you can contact (08) 39 33 3939 for advice and support in visa and passport applications.

2. Airplane tickets to Turkey


Many airlines fly to Istanbul such as Emirates, Ethihad, Qatar… but for direct flights (temporarily stopping in Bangkok), only Turkish Airlines has to transit. It is expected that in July 2016, Turkish Airlines will fly directly from Vietnam to Istanbul.

Ataturk Airport is close, convenient and easy to get to central Istanbul by metro or airport bus. However, you need to pay attention to the airport where Pegasus Airlines lands. This airport is Sabiha Gokcen, for low-cost airlines quite far from the center. If you take the airport bus, it takes nearly two hours to get to the center.

3. Travel in Istanbul

If you stay for a long time, travel by bus, metro, ferry… you should buy an Istanbul card to use for savings. If you visit a lot, you should buy a Tourist Pass. See more information: http://www.istanbultouristpass.com/

Kebap can be seen everywhere in Turkey.

4. Stay in Istanbul 

Istanbul has many hotels, motels, hostels, airbnb… depending on financial ability and preferences, each person can choose a different place to stay. The most popular tourist areas are Sultanahmet (where there are mosques, markets…) and Beyoğlu (Dolmabahçe Palace area, Taksim, Galata…).

Turkish food is easy to eat. Kebap, döner and köfte… are sold everywhere. In addition, you can eat rice like your “bush rice”. Just go in and take the tray and point out the food, people will scoop the food, go to the counter to pay and then bring it to the dining table… Simit cake is sold everywhere, is a round cake with sesame, can be eaten quickly for breakfast.

Lovely little corners on the streets of Istanbul.

6. Attractions when going to Turkey

Istanbul is very easy to get around, just follow the road in front of Taksim square, there are countless things for you to see, near the end of the road is the Galata tower, climb up to see the city (note that there is a fee), then you can go to Istanbul. Sultanahmet area where there is Grand Bazaar, Spice market, Blue Mosque… Just keep wandering, even get lost… then maybe you will see very interesting scenes.

In general, going out in Istanbul is very easy, everything is very safe, convenient and especially the people are extremely friendly, nice and always help others. Istanbul is the place that clearly shows the interaction between Asia and Europe, so everything is very unique and unique. Please experience it because every image, article… cannot convey everything. It’s no exaggeration to say, it’s hard to find any land with cool things like here.




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