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Restaurants you should not miss when coming to Turkey

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Türkiye is not only a country with developed tourism services, but also has many delicious traditional dishes that delight visitors. To have the most enjoyable and experienced trip to Turkey , you should save information about this country’s famous restaurants that will be shared below.

One of the special things for tourists when dining in Türkiye is that they do not need to order the entire meal at once. Most restaurants and eateries here accept that you only need to order one or two small dishes, then you can also order more if you feel the delicious taste of the dish or are still hungry.

One of the things customers need to keep in mind when eating at famous restaurants in big cities is the appearance of dishes on you even though you did not order them. Some dishes such as olives, nuts… if you enjoy them, they will appear on the bill at a small price. To make sure of these things, when you see any dishes that are different from the menu you ordered, you can ask “bedava mi” (Is it free or not?). These simple actions help you save unnecessary costs when traveling to Turkey .


Lokanta is one of the famous Turkish restaurants with menus that include very simple dishes but are suitable for the taste of the majority of tourists coming to this address. The main food here is ready-to-eat food, beautifully presented, kept warm on hot ashes or in appetizers. Even if you have a menu, you can stand up and choose any dish according to your preferences.

Coming to Lokanta, you don’t need to pile up food at once, you just need to order one to two basic dishes and then order more dishes that you like. Typically, people will order a menu that includes soup, an eggplant dish, a green bean stew and maybe beans or a few meat dishes.

The seasonal vegetables here are delicious when eaten with garlic yogurt. Besides, you can also choose or request to add some spices such as chili and lemon. Raw onions with hot dishes – these spices will make the dish more attractive according to each person’s taste. Lokanta desserts are mostly flour-based desserts like rice pudding.

When traveling to Turkey , if you are traveling on the highway, you can easily come across “dinlenme yeri” (roadside eateries) – These eateries are usually open 24/7 for service. Lots of delicious ready-to-eat dishes.


It can be very difficult for you to distinguish between “restoran” and “lokanta” because the line between the two is almost blurred – A low-level restoran is almost the same as a not-so-famous lokanta, which is why it is very difficult. so that visitors can distinguish and choose suitable dining addresses for themselves.

When you increase the price point of your a la carte menu, opting for a closed kitchen, the menu and wine will appear. A cold meze display can be paraded on a cart and you can choose for yourself a desired pad. There is a lot of compromise between Lokanta and Restoran main dishes but you can find pirzola (ribs), biftek (beefsteak) and international meat dishes like schnitzel at one restaurant.

Kebab & Meatball Restaurant

Restaurants you should not miss when coming to Türkiye

Kebabç› are low-priced eateries, focusing on grilled dishes such as grilled meat. Besides, these eateries also offer soups, simple salads, cold drinks and even ayran. You will not have banquet tables with luxurious linens because these are all fast food restaurants with high turnover, they are convenient to serve needs as quickly as possible, without any frills.

Köfteci is also a restaurant with a similar style, however, the main food at Köfteci is grilled meatballs, not grilled meat. If you come across the word “ocakbasi” on a restaurant menu, the food will definitely be cooked in front of you, and you can enjoy it while it’s hot. These are also restaurants that tourists choose to explore when traveling to Turkey .


Restaurants you should not miss when coming to TürkiyeComing to Türkiye, you can also choose a pizzeria to enjoy large, round cakes made with many diverse and delicious ingredients. You can choose for yourself a lahmancun made from cheese and different types of meat, then you can add ayran or cola. These dishes are very delicious and are chosen by many people when traveling to Turkey as their main meal.


Restaurants you should not miss when coming to TürkiyeIn Börekçi, visitors often see very simple eateries, with only small windows on the wall, a kiosk with enough space for a few stools and benches. The only thing sold in these eateries are a few different types of Börek, in addition to some cold drinks (ayran is one of the indispensable drinks). Börekçi is a great place for a quick breakfast or lunch, and can also be enjoyed in between meals. Most dishes at Börekçi are sold out by mid-afternoon. The number of tourists coming to these restaurants is also increasing rapidly.

dessert shop

Restaurants you should not miss when coming to TürkiyeTatlıcı – where you can enjoy a relatively simple main meal, however, dessert food is very professional and famous in Türkiye. At Tatlıcı, you can definitely go more on baklava, helva and lokum, look for a muhallebici for milk-based puddings and pastahane for baklava, European-style cakes or local specialty ice cream.

There are many famous restaurants in Türkiye, each city leaves its mark in the hearts of visitors with its very own dishes. You can visit many different tourist destinations and enjoy countless delicious diverse dishes when traveling to Turkey . Besides, the dishes here are also considered to be cheap, suitable for many types of tourists. Normally, you should travel to Turkey from May to October to have the best weather. This is also the occasion when many tourist activities develop, many delicious dishes are born and besides, there are lots of incentives.



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